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Old paper textures are one of my most commonly used design resources, as you may have noticed from my tutorials! I have always just downloaded whatever third-party assets I could find, so I thought it was about time I made a collection of my own old paper textures to keep handy in my digital toolbox. This free pack contains 20 old paper textures with various amounts of creases, folds and stains, providing a variety of vintage paper effects to suit all kinds of design scenarios. Download the textures for free to use them as backgrounds, overlay them onto your artwork, or apply them within masks to make your designs look like aged prints or antique documents.

20 Free Old Paper Textures with Creases, Folds and Stains

Every one of these textures features detailed pulp grain, an old brown colour, and an array of folds and creases. Some even have some dirt marks, stains and burns too! They all have a unique appearance that can help to replicate various vintage effects. Create the look of an old poster with fold lines, turn a photograph into a long-lost keepsake, make your own fantasy treasure map, and much more!

Download my Creased & Folded Old Paper Textures

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