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A membership site rests on two main pillars – content and the site’s members. Once your content is up, you have to work constantly to make sure that you have new members coming in.

Your site’s churn rate refers to the rate at which members are leaving your membership platform. It’s important to carry out marketing activities to make up for the churn rate. You also need to drive more traffic and push conversions to make your site profitable.

There are several marketing strategies you can implement to grow your membership site. Let’s start by looking at how you can learn more about your audience.

Understand Your Members

You can’t manage what isn’t measured, and you can’t give your members great value without understanding them.

If you can keep track of your members’ activities and their history on your site, you’ll have valuable information to help your site members.

Installing CRM for your membership site will give you a central information base. Your sales team or customer support team can add information about your subscribers. You’ll also be able to develop a 360-degree view of your members.

With CRM software, you’ll be able to develop an understanding of your members that will improve your marketing.

Focus on Content Marketing

The only reason you have members on your site is because of your content. It’s essential to have a plan to create new and relevant content.

Fresh content keeps your current members subscribed and attracts new members.

Use a content calendar to plan your posts in advance. When you have a blogging strategy, you’ll be more likely to produce content. You’ll also be able to prepare for seasonal events and holidays.

Other ways to boost content marketing is to use social media, use conversational language, and incorporate SEO.

Use Automation

Automation is necessary to manage a membership site. It’s not possible to send out emails and grant access to content every time you have a new member. You may get members in large numbers and from different timezones.

Using automation will enable you to handle a large number of members. You’ll be able to focus on creating more quality content and customer support.

You can nurture leads for your membership site by using automated drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns often refer to emails that are pre-written and sequentially ordered. You can launch emails based on triggers like a new member signing up or upgrading to a higher package. You can also launch email campaigns to remind members to renew their subscription, or to reach out if they haven’t been active.

You can use automation for the following events:

  • Membership registration and onboarding
  • Completing an event registration form
  • When upgrading or downgrading a membership subscription
  • Membership cancellation

Using automation ensures that you give timely information to your members. It allows you to focus on creating better customer support and improves conversions.


People respond better to personalized content and communication. Email subject lines that address people by their name lead to more email opens.

Content that’s relevant to users convinces them that they’re getting

valuable information from you.

You can apply personalization to different aspects of your members’ experiences.

  • Segment your email list according to your audience’s interests
  • Offer discounts and offers based on members’ activities, history, and searches
  • Create drip content that’s accessible to specific subscription levels

Personalization goes a long way towards winning new members to your site. Creating personalized content and communication needs to be a priority in your marketing efforts.

Grow Your Site With Compelling Marketing Strategies

Your marketing efforts play a key role in your membership site’s survival. The strategies suggested here not only enhance members’ experiences but also help grow your business.

Focus on great content, but also reach out to your audience in a friendly manner. Using CRM and email marketing to drive personalization is a great way to build relationships.

Take steps to boost your membership site marketing and you’ll help people get value and support your business’s growth.

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