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5 Basics of Preparing Effective Search Engine Optimization Reports

SEO reports coverage is extremely important from the client point of view. Search engine optimization reports are exactly where you’ve got an opportunity to showcase to the customer the SEO results you have obtained under the limitations of resources.

There are several critical aspects of performing SEO reports. Here we drill a little deeper and tell you about the 5 fundamentals of preparing powerful search engine optimization reports.

Essential Sub-Sections to Include in Reports

Traffic channels

What are the key goals of the client? If raising the total amount of organic traffic to your site is just one, then you need to absolutely list traffic at the start of the search engine optimization report. It is also very important to present metrics and charts on source/medium of traffic. This will provide more specific info about the source of the traffic, providing you tangible pointers regarding where your dollars and time have to be guided. This is the ideal report to pull if you would like to maintain your document crisp, clean, and concise.

Conversion rate and Target completion

Traffic is great news but the even better news is how much of that translates to conversions. Most clients are very interested in conversion speed so it needs to be cited at the start of your report. Once the conversion rates are recorded in the initial portion of the report, a substantial portion of this succeeding content will go towards explaining why conversion rate is fulfilling expectations or not. A goal tracking report is the greatest ways to demonstrate conversion rates to your customer.

How to get to the goal tracking report in Google Analytics: Conversions -> Goals -> Overview

Page level traffic

This report will demonstrate where the traffic is landing whenever they come to your website. Here is the real report which can enable you to see the content that people are clicking which will be bringing in the traffic. A lot of valuable conclusions can be drawn from this report. For instance, assume a page has links to lots of pdf reports that are not clicked upon, it might be a cause for the customer to reorganize which part. Maybe the movies that are getting lots of clicks may be given more prominence.

The way to get to the page level traffic report from Google Analytics? Follow this route: Behavior -> Website content -> Landing pages

Supply output from the Page Speed Insights instrument

The output from Page Rate Insights wouldn’t only demonstrate the rate of their pages to the customers but would also mention what is needed to repair the issues. It is vital to managing UX in conjunction with the essential aspects of SEO. Sometimes, something as insignificant few lines of JavaScript or even a video is sufficient to slow a page down considerably. Oftentimes, this instrument may reveal underlying technical problems that affect SEO performance.

Is your website content “tacky”? That’s what you attempt to reply in this particular section. The pages which are at the crux of your client’s site deserve your focus for analyses on time site and bounce speed. The pages where you expect your customers to devote a considerable quantity of time on are the key. Your articles should make people stick on and spend time on the website. Landing pages with quite a few outbound links and pass through web pages for content shouldn’t be some cause of worry with respect to timing on site and bounce speed.

Use Rankings Data Intelligently

Individual rankings for keywords continue to be applicable. But they ought to be reported in a fashion so that the rankings are interpreted in the bigger context. Utilizing rankings info as the default option performance index isn’t a wise thing to do, given the fact that keyword rankings vary based on the location of search, personalization, and history. The positions data should be part of their coverage of total performance and not be mentioned as the sole performance metric.

Utilize Website Audit Reports

Site audit reports cover an assortment of factors associated with on page optimization. These reports assist you in knowing where these factors are in regards to industry standards. The data in these reports will help identify issues of potential trouble and components that may be improved. Audit reports should provide information on

  • Meta tags
  • Page titles
  • Keyword density
  • HTML validation status
  • HTML tags and formatting
  • Broken links.

Search engine optimization reports are crucial because they give more information to your customers and senior management about how well your campaigns are doing. It is important to strike a balance between outline level information and detailed data in these reports.

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