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Your business should always offer something valuable to its consumers.

When you let your website as it is, you’ll be taken over by your competitors in a heartbeat.

The process of optimizing your blog is to achieve the highest possible percentage of visitors converting or completing your desired intent.

Additionally, optimizing your conversion rate makes your site more efficient in making money without spending more on other customer acquisition strategies.

Here are the strategies that can help your conversion rates.

Make your customers trust you

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A lot of business success comes down to trust.

If your website looks sketchy, people will click away. If more and more people do that, then you are setting your business to fail.

Word of mouth is a robust social proof. When your customers trust your brand, they are more likely to buy from you and recommend you to others.

However, building trust doesn’t happen overnight.

There needs to be a consistent communication and constant nurturing on the value you can bring them.

Consider setting up a better customer support service and give personalized offers for your loyal customers.

Putting up your customers first over the sales, especially at the beginning of your business, proves to give a good long term impact and encourage repeat sales.

Offer free trials

Give your potential customers all the information they need for conversion.

People appreciate free things and it’s been a popular sales strategy ever since the old days.

Today, it’s still a great website conversion strategy even for online businesses.

If you have an e-book to sell, offer a few snippets of your work.

If you sell a consumable product, then you can hand out a few samples for them to personally try.

These free offers have a lot to do with how customers perceive you.

Aside from that, you also gain their information for your future marketing promotions. So it’s a win-win for both parties.

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Consider paid promotions

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It’s a challenge for all businesses to market their products nowadays.

With stiff competition and some algorithm and industry changes we cannot control, organic reach has been consistently going down.

Paid promotions make it quicker for you to reach people and get leads.

If you noticed that people are coming into your site on social media, you’ll want to try some paid tactics.

Remarketing to your existing visitors is possible on paid social promotions like Facebook ads.

Paid social campaigns can be deployed on almost all the top social media channels.

Doing paid promotions allow you to target a small group. For example, it’s possible to show your ads to women in their 30s who are living in New York and likes a specific luxury handbag.

Doing paid promotions can trigger organic reach when people share your posts.

Optimize landing page

If you’re getting traffic but not enough sign up, you can try out using landing pages.

A landing page’s general purpose is to convert. It’s created for marketing and advertising purposes and is where your potential customer lands.

Landing pages try to be clear and concise with their messaging. But, optimizing one is far more simple than it looks.

In making your landing pages consider doing these things:

  • Target one persona with one specific message
  • Test your ad copy and landing page copy
  • Make your design consistent

Leverage visual content

Images are figured out 600,000 times faster than text.

And some companies that use visual content have a 7x higher conversion rate.

There are free and paid tools you can use to create your very own visual content even without experience.

For instance, infographics are one of the data-rich visuals you can use as a stand-alone or supporting imagery for your content.

Since they are easy to read and usually eye-catching, your blog readership will also increase.

One of the tools that can help you create infographics easily is Venngage. Just choose a template and customize your charts and fonts, insert the data and content you want to be added and you’re good to go!

Learn how you can maximize the effectiveness of visual content on your marketing strategies.


Improving your conversion rates affects your business from a sales standpoint that’s why this process is a long term commitment.

Having a community of people who trust you has a significant impact on your overall business.

If your online conversions aren’t up to your expectations, make sure to dive deep into the possible reasons and recognize any of your website’s lapses and fix these holes immediately.

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