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5 Ways To Use Google Trends To Create Better Content


Content marketing one of the best and most widely used marketing strategies for companies of all sizes and shapes. Still, it needs to be done properly in order to acquire adequate results, and this isn’t a simple thing to achieve. This is the reason why the most seasoned marketers know a lot of secrets and techniques to come up with quality content and have the SEO tools to do so.

Given the fact that most of us don’t possess all the knowledge they do, we will need to locate alternative strategies to produce engaging content. Among the most effective ways is to use an instrument named Google Trends, which allows you to discover topics which are trending in any given time. You just do it by monitoring how many searches there are on a specific topic.

However, this is merely the start, there are many other ways that you can use Google Trends to produce greater content. Today we will go over 5 ways we found most useful.


1. You can find relevant topics that are trending


Among the biggest difficulties is to think of fresh topics for your content which will engage your target audience. Using Google Trends, you may give the data context and significance by using visual charts to present them and compare comparable terms, see information by interest in an area or highlight questions that are related.

Finding relevant topics to write about can help you get more visitors through your content. Simply go to the dashboard and find stores that are currently trending. Use the filters to find the ideal category that is interesting and relevant to your intended audience.

When choosing a topic make sure that it is:

Relevant to your business
You’ve got the knowledge to write on that topic
It’s relevance to your target audience
Use Google Correlate
This attribute helps detect topics people are thinking about, and this could assist you in determining what you need to write or find new topics which are related to ones which people are interested in.

Google Correlate permits you to find associations between distinct search trends or some other data point you are considering writing about. This is the only tool which could perform such activities using search data, but a lot of folks don’t even know about it.

You simply enter a term into Google Correlate and you will receive other search terms which are connected with that one. By way of instance, if you type in “cooking” you may get these results.

With these new provisions, you can get various new content topic ideas that have a high potential, while at the exact same time being relevant to your target audience. For this particular example we came up with: “Homemade Enchiladas” and “best salsa recipes”.


2. Do better keyword study


Aside from the fact that your content has to be creative and provide a great experience to readers, in addition, it needs to get good technical SEO optimization to improve your website’s optimization. When you look at the peak of the dashboard in Google Trends, then you will realize the Research button.

Here you can type in different search phrases to learn which ones are more hunted. When you’ve found the phrases you’re interested in, compare them and see what makes the most searches. These are the ones you need to be using and this is why:

Should you use keywords that are searched for more often, you will increase the chances of your content being detected. Simply optimize your articles for the most searched for keywords and be sure they’re related to that bit of content.
This expression is probably utilized in regular conversations more often. People like to look for terms they use in common language and not to search for keywords, so if your articles speaks the same language as the readers you will make a larger impact.
Attempt using these common keywords that get searched for frequently and you’ll have the ability to improve your SEO. However, it’s still important to understand that the further searched for keywords are likely employed by other companies as well, and you will need to compete together.

As soon as you are completed looking for the right keywords, you can even scroll down to see some suggested related topics for those keywords.

With this feature, you will have the ability to detect various other keywords that you’ve missed and brainstorm different ideas. You’ll be able to find keywords which you didn’t believe, create new content based on popular subjects that are on the rise, and create relevant content that provides value to readers.

3. Use it to create a purposeful content calendar


Developing a calendar for publishing is essential in content marketing. You have to organize your posts and launch the ideal bit of content at the ideal time so as to obtain the most effective. What is amazing about Google Trends is that its data that can tell you what types of posts have the greatest interest.

By way of instance, if you’re writing about fitness, you can find out if it’s ideal to print that sort of content.


By relying on Google Trends, you’ll have the ability to find out the best moments to publish something easily. This is a really useful feature that can help enhance a content marketing strategy in a fantastic measure.

There’s a good deal of work involved in researching and creating the right bit of content that brings good results, do not throw it off by publishing posts when there are no people around to read them. Insert your keywords in Google Trends so that it is possible to establish your own content calendar.


4. Improve your branding efforts


To begin with, Google Trends enables brands to understand how they are perceived compared to their competition. With this information, you’ll be able to make better decisions about which areas you want to work harder on to improve your brand’s sway.

You simply have to enter the nation, a period of searches, type of industry, and select web searches to find out which brands would be the most hunted for people in this market, as straightforward as that.With this feature, you will have the ability to detect various other keywords that you’ve missed and brainstorm different ideas. You’ll have the ability to discover keywords that you didn’t believe, create new content based on popular themes that are on the rise, and produce relevant content that provides value to readers.

5. Do a study on local shopping trends to make hard-hitting content


Another very beneficial feature that Google Trends has to offer is the capacity to look for isolated shopping tendencies. With these searches, you’ll have the ability to observe the data related to users’ buying intents for all types of different searches on goods.

For example, you can create a search where you aim to find which products in a certain niche people are interested in. It doesn’t matter if we are discussing beauty goods, sports equipment or anything else, this feature will show you the purchase intent for different nations in a single month you select.


This is a great opportunity to find out more about your marketplace and what customers really need to buy online. With this data, you’ll be able to discover where your content advertising opportunities lie and focus your efforts on the ideal places.

Additionally, you may look to boost your similar products suggestions with items that are desired the most and market them with your content. Recently, Google Trends updated their Google News Lab and it now offers analyses of currently trending stories.

All the information about these themes can be downloaded via Google Trends Datastore, so if you’re a content creator or a journalist, then this may be a very helpful tool for generating meaningful content.

By way of instance, I used this instrument for the U.S. presidential election argument. I simply searched both candidates by county to learn their positions, problems pointed out from the debate, post-debate ranks, and discovered interesting statistics that could benefit my articles.

This is how I was able to add authenticity to my articles and give more value to my readers. I didn’t have to wait for official surveys to be published, as I had all of the brand new advice I had to offer the juice that individuals want.


Google Trends has a lot of useful features that you may use to learn valuable things about your content. What’s even better is the fact that it’s a free tool and very easy to use. Make sure that you explore the things it has to offer.

Have you ever used any other tools? What were your experiences with them? Don’t hesitate to talk about your own thoughts.


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