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January is the month when we are thinking of new beginnings and contemplating the past year. Today, I’m here to do the second in a true social media manager’s fashion and I encourage you to join me!

Take a look back at 2019: what was the most notable event of the last year of thе decade for you? Notre Dame on fire? Gretta Thunberg’s journey across the ocean to tell off the UN? Or the final film in the Avengers franchise?

What’s common for all these occasions? Each of them generated a high number of buzz on social media (you can trust me on that, I work at a social data analysis company), but what about the social media platforms themselves? What were they up to? They have been changing as well, affected by the world events around them and affecting the world simultaneously.

The world of social media is never constant, and social media managers always have to stay on top of every new feature and trend. But what is equally important is seeing the bigger picture: how all the little updates, design changes, and official announcements add up to revealing the social media companies’ vision for the future.

We at Awario follow social media updates diligently in our monthly social media news roundups. In this infographic, we wanted to recap the largest social media events of 2019 and see what they can tell about the social media company’s current and future direction.

It was quite a challenge to select the social media highlights for each platform since there were so many updates and changes and news events in the social media space this year. But I tried to pinpoint something that would represent the main theme of 2019 for each social media network.

For each company, I identified the most exciting updates, biggest news events, and possible developments in the upcoming year. In addition to that, there were some obvious trends that are common to all social media networks: you’ll find them at the bottom of the infographic. So, less talk, more drawings: here’s what 2019 on social media looked like.

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