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Access All Areas members have a huge collection of textures to download this week courtesy of Simon from The Shop. This pack of Blue Rusted Metal Textures are sourced from a dumpster on a demolition site and edited for lens distortion, lighting, orientation, and color correction. The textures range from subtle to extremely corroded and are provided as full colour, black and white, and positive and negative variants.

The Shop

Simon’s The Shop is the place to go if you’re in need of dirty or grainy resources to grunge up your designs. His store contains a variety of resources, including unique assets you won’t find anywhere else, like these Hirschvogel geometria vector graphics. Simon not only creates these fantastic resources, he often shows you what can be done with them too! Follow him on Dribbble to see his awesome grungy artwork and to keep up to date with his latest tutorials.

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blue rusted - Blue Rusted Metal Textures for Access All Areas Members

This collection of blue rusted metal textures contains 35 individual texture images, processed into a variety of useful formats and filetypes so you can quickly select the most appropriate version for your designs, whether it’s for use as a background, within a layer mask, or to add distressed effects to your artwork.

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