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Give your digital designs the look of a real printed poster with my free collection of folds and creases textures. These textures feature detailed damage lines from the paper being folded and crumpled, with several options to simulate a page that has been folded in half, in thirds, roll folded, or just creased. They are ideal for making your poster art look like retro prints, adding some wear and tear to leaflet artwork, or giving a map design an antique appearance.

Download My Free Poster Folds and Creases Textures

This collection of poster folds and creases textures contains 9 JPEG texture images at a size of 4000x5500px (300ppi), making them compatible with all kinds of image editing software. Paste a texture over your artwork, then select the Screen blending mode to make the black background transparent, leaving just the white crease lines across your design.

Download my FREE Poster Folds & Creases Textures

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