Elevate B2B Marketing News

The B2B marketing space is changing. New technologies, platforms and advancements in consumer understanding all make for an interesting news cycle, and to help you keep up with the latest developments, we’ve rounded up several key news items from the past month. Let’s jump in.

B2B Marketing Budgets Rising

According to a recent Gartner report, B2B marketing budgets are on the rise, with CMOs expecting a 6.2% increase in total marketing budget year to year. Digital marketing opportunities will be especially prevalent in this increased budget, with an expected 20.2% increase in digital marketing investments.

Thought Leadership’s Growing Role

As more and more B2B companies look to expand their footprint in the digital world, thought leadership is taking center stage. This can come in the form of engaging blog posts, well-crafted videos, podcast interviews or webinars, to name a few. Thought leadership can draw in potential customers, build trust and thoughtfully reinforce a brand’s positioning in the market.

Instagram’s New Notes

Instagram’s new Notes feature allows users of the platform to post long form content, including images, video clips and other collateral to reach a wider audience. For B2B companies, this new tool can increase brand visibility, offering another way to reach audiences and highlight thought leadership initiatives.

Influencer Spending Climbs

Much of the marketing momentum these days is being driven by influencers. According to a recent study from Marketing Week, influencer spending grew nearly 80% in 2019. Content creators in the B2B space are becoming increasingly more important so companies can reach the right audiences and spread their influence far and wide.

From new avenues for content publication to updated metrics for success, the latest news from the B2B world has a lot to offer. Keep an eye out for the next installment on these topics and more.