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In today’s video tutorial, I’m going to take you through the process of creating a mascot character to go within a retro cereal box design, using a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We will begin in Illustrator to draw the character, using simplified shapes based on the old mid-century style of cartoons and mascot designs with basic hand-drawn strokes and limited colours. We’ll then move over to Photoshop to construct the retro cereal box design, where I’ll show you some useful tricks to producing misregistered print effects and paper textures to give the artwork an aged appearance.

How To Create a Retro Cereal Box Design with a Mascot Character

► Retro Style Cartoon Character Tutorial – https://spoon.graphics/2OS5g7Y
► 1950s Artist Brush Pack – https://spoon.graphics/2xjyyGb
► Old Vintage Paper Background by Andrius Saz – https://spoon.graphics/2F19jv9
► Free cereal image – https://spoon.graphics/3aJAOHR
► Activate the Chaloops font – https://spoon.graphics/2tE1LvQ
► Activate the Corner Store font – https://spoon.graphics/30qwfMr

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