Access All Areas members have a fantastic Photoshop Add-On to download this week, courtesy of The Orange Box. The Editorial Mixed Media FX Adobe Photoshop Plugin Extension creates the most amazing artistic collage effects for your photos and illustrations, combining newspaper clippings, brush strokes, watercolour drops and sketch lines to produce a unique contemporary art look. The effect can be applied using Photoshop ActionScripts, or using the free FxBox Photoshop Extension from The Orange Box.

The Orange Box is a team of independent designers with a passion for Adobe Photoshop. They offer some of the best and most unique tools for graphic designers, from 3D map generators to real paint effects. Their range of solutions can be used individually, or combined with the powerful FxBox Extension, which acts as a user-friendly library to load and remove their range of unique FX tools.

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Mixed Media FX Photoshop Add-On
Mixed Media Photoshop Add-On Example

The Editorial Mixed Media FX Adobe Photoshop Plugin Extension comes as a package containing all the necessary resources for Photoshop to automatically produce the effect with little input from the user. Enclosed instructions provide a detailed step-by-step guide to using the ActionScript file, or the FxBox Extension. The photographs used in the product preview images are courtesy of M.Rezania.

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