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The eagle is commonly used as a symbol within coats of arms, sigils and historic heraldry. Perhaps the most prominent modern usage is its depiction as the emblem of the United States of America, appearing in various imagery to represent freedom, strength and patriotism. In today’s design inspiration showcase I present over 40 stunning designs that feature majestic eagle illustrations, ranging from t-shirt designs, brand identities and stunning poster art.

Aaron Watson One Color by Derrick Castle

Support The Troops by Derrick Castle

Champagne of Beers by Derrick Castle

Miller High Life & Harley Davidson by Derrick Castle

Rascal Flatts by Derrick Castle

Wooden Nickel Brewery by Trailhead Design Co.

Fly My Pretty by Nick Agin

Death Dodger by Maximum Black

You Can Sneak, But You Can't Hide by Maximum Black

Live Free by Prism Supply Co.

Forged Shirt by Jeremy Teff

Breathe Deep Fly High by Awang2en

EP & Company Apparel Design by Chad Patterson

Death Before Dishonor by Buttery Studio

Between You and Me by Buttery Studio

Mila Coffee by Buttery Studio

Eagle Tee by Andy Boice

Be Free by Andy Boice

United We Stand by Andy Boice

Eagle Illustration by Tim Praetzel

Volare by Askmetolie

Lord Of The Sky by Alex Spenser

Sailor Jerry Crowbar Mural by Mark Richardson

Eagle by Yondr Studio

Independence by Yondr Studio

Heroes Around Us by Yondr Studio

Eagle SR by Sonia Perales

Unite Clothing Co. by Staybold

Amity MFGCO by Staybold

Meta Magazine by Pedro Oyarbide

Dark Prayers by Forefathers

Merica by Jeff Trish

Sailor Jerry by Sebastian Abboud

Three-Headed Shirt by Zac Jacobson

Awner MFG by Jeret Coe Chiri

Eagle Crest by Matt Carlson

Eagle by Patrick de Nobrega

Eagle Motor T-Shirt Design by Tonrer Tonrer

Mexico by Pequeno Capitan

Viking Pride by Pencil 27

Death From Above by Damian King

Eagle for Meat Fly Wear by Greyxdays

Upstream Supply Co. by Greyxdays

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