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The Wild West is a popular genre for movies, TV shows, games, and even comics, which means it is also a theme that commonly inspires artists to base their creations on, providing us with plenty of artwork we can admire to fuel our inspiration. In today’s showcase I present over 40 designs and illustrations, all with a western theme. Enjoy browsing this collection of digital paintings, posters, cartoons, advertisements and packaging designs that feature cowboys and gunslingers in a variety of graphical styles.

Spaghetti Western Theme Poster Art by Harry Movie Art

The Hateful Eight Poster Art by Harry Movie Art

Not For Rental by Studio Muti

Magnificent Seven by Cris Vector

Racking Rounds by David Lozeau

Shot For Shot by David Lozeau

Spirit of a Nation by David Lozeau

Gunslinger by Letter Q

Redemption by Furturtle Show Prints

The Bounty Hunter by Denstarsk8

The Gunslinger by Leinilyu

All Star Western Cover by Urban Barbarian

Gunslingers by MrHarp

Django Freeman by Sno2

Outlaw by Joe Benitez

Outlaw Territory by Gilles Vranckx

Bang Bang by Marie Bergeron

The Man in Black by Scott Balmer

Gunslinger by Kerem Beyit

The Red Fields of None by The Dark Inker

Call of Juarez Gunslinger by Two Dots

Poseidotica by A1 Design

Good Luck Girls Book Cover by Marie Bergeron

John Ford Point by Maurizio Lacavalla

Wild Wild West by Adam Quest

Outlaw Fest by Jordan Wilson

Hey, Arthur by Glenn Thomas

Lone Ranger by MUTI

Giddy Up, Y'all by Dayan D'Aniello

Gold Rush by Alex Rinker

Editorial Illustration by Chelle Lorenzen

Fire & Brimstone Pizza Box by Mark Johnston

Outlaw Illustration by Hans Bennewitz

Red Dead by Brad Vandenberg

2 Dollar Pistol Poster by Amy Hood

Stadium Sessions by Cameron Nelson

Vintage Cowboy by Matt Carlson

Horse Creek Wind Farm by Josh Chavis

Cowboy Killer by Tim Calkins

Prairie Pirate IPA by Grant Burke

Outlaw Flag Gunslingers Logo by Midnight7Design

Wilcox Bandit by Srdjan Vidakovic

Shootin by Robbie Thiessen

Gunslinger Sport Logo by Tiago Fank

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