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Affinity Designer is fast becoming a popular alternative to Photoshop. After receiving several messages asking whether I will be providing Affinity compatible tutorials and resources, I have been meaning to pick up a copy myself. Until I get to grips with the new interface and different workflow, I have made this roundup existing tools made specifically for Affinity Designer from a variety of talented creatives. Here you will find the best Affinity brushes, including both free downloads and high-quality brush pack products.

FREE Wax Crayon Brushes

Affinity Photo Free Grunge Brushes

7 FREE Brushes for Affinity Photo

Vintage Lines Vector Brushes (Free)

inkBrush Vector Paint Sample Set (Free)

Textured Vector Brushes for Affinity Designer ($6)

Pigmento Daub Brushes (€7.99)

Affinity Halftone Brushes ($8)

Affinity Designer Brush Sampler Pack ($9)

Grave Etcher For Affinity ($29)

Bug Lab For Affinity ($19)

Gouache Shader Brushes for Affinity ($17)

Finest Vintage Affinity Brushes ($19)

The Affinity Airbrush ($16)

Neon Affinity Brushes ($16)

Tattoo Art Affinity Brushes ($18)

The Affinity Inkwell Brushes ($19)

Fine Liner Affinity Brushes ($19)

Outstanding Oil Paint Affinity Brushes ($18)

The Master Engraver Affinity Brushes ($20)

Drawing Brushes For Affinity ($14)

Oil Painting Brushes For Affinity ($12)

Acrylic Brushes For Affinity ($12)

Watercolor & Gouache Brushes for Affinity Photo & Designer ($12)

Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Affinity ($19)

Hand-Drawn Brushes For Affinity ($17)

Horrific Halftones for Affinity ($19)

The Woodcut Brush Kit for Affinity ($19)

Inkwash Ink & Water Brushes for Affinity Designer ($19)

Vectorhero Ink Brush Pack for Affinity Designer ($19)

VectorSketch Charcoal Pencils for Affinity Designer ($19)

DryGoods Chalk Brushes for Affinity Designer ($19)

VectorFuzz Vector Texture Brushes for Affinity Designer ($19)

Broken Inkers Brush Set for Affinity ($12)

Black Cat Charcoal Brushes ($17)

Cast Iron Grunge Brushes & Textures ($12)

For big savings on Affinity brush products, check out these bundles to tools from the biggest names in the industry. By purchasing entire collections of brush products in one go, you get a huge discount compared to buying each product individually.

The Affinity Artists Brush Anthology ($70)

The Vector Brush Toolbox for Affinity Designer ($49)

The Essential Affinity Brush Bundle ($97

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