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The key to creating authentic looking vintage artwork–whether it’s logos, packaging, or T-shirt designs–is selecting the perfect font combinations that represent the lettering style from previous centuries. The fonts featured in this collection aren’t just individual typefaces, they are collections of several font styles that perfectly complement each other. Each collection contains a vintage brush script, plus other supporting typefaces in various serif and sans-serif styles, providing you with an all-in-one kit that eliminates the problem of having to find font pairs that work together.

Vintage font features

Many of these fonts are provided in multiple styles, such as ‘clean’ and ‘rough’ to give you the option of using textured versions for a printed effect, or the regular style. Being pro-grade typefaces you will also find plenty of OpenType features including Stylistic and Alternate characters. Some of these typefaces contain as many of 83 individual fonts, some with additional bonus items too, making them comprehensive tools you can rely on for all your vintage design projects!

Milkstore Font Collection

The Legend Font Trio: American Typography

Paper Tiger – Victorian Font Madness

The Gambler Type Collection

Las Palmas Vintage Type Collection

S&S Nickson Font Family

Buckwheat Font Collection

The Pretender Collection

The Nexa Rust Collection

Hanley Pro Font Collection

Handelson Family of Typefaces

Bloomsbury Hand Drawn Type Styles

The Letterpress Studio

The Bartender Typeface Collection

The Douglas Collections

Himalaya Set Type

Routen Lightning Monoline

Stranger Font Collection + Extras

The Heritage Brand Collection

The Artisan Collection

The Collector's Font Bundle

Palmer Script & Sans

Thistails Font Duo

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