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Gritty, grainy, grungy textures are my favourite type of design asset for roughing up your clean digital artwork to give it an old, worn, and distressed appearance. Because grungy textures are sourced from real dirty surfaces, there’s an infinite supply of resources, each one with its own unique style. In today’s roundup post I collate 60 of the best grit, grain, and grunge texture packs out there, including both free downloads and high quality texture pack products.

10 FREE Dirty Surface Textures

24 Free Dirt Textures

5 FREE Dust & Scratches Textures

9 Free High Resolution Grain Textures

20 Free Vintage Photo Texture

30 Free Film Dust Textures

25 Film Dust Textures

12 Free Vector Grunge Textures

10 Black Grunge Textures

10 Seamlessly Repeating Grainy Speckle Textures

Subtle Grit Textures Pack

21 Super Grunge Textures

“Grit It or Quit It” Texture Pack

Photocopy Noise Textures

Plastic Noise Texture Pack

Dirty Plastic Noise Texture Pack

Vector Noise Textures

The Ginormous Grunge Collection

Mixed Grit Texture Pack

Gritty, Urban Concrete Textures

Vintage Grit Textures

Gritty Concrete Textures

Grunge Textures

Light Grunge Textures

36 Gritty & Distressed Textures

Southern Grit Texture Pack

Gritty Grunge

PNG Film Grain Dust Textures

Grunge and Grit Textures

Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures

Grit & Grain Textures

45 Grunge Frames + 12 Bonus Textures

10 Dark Grunge Textures

Grunge Textures Vector Pack

Glorious Grunge Texture Collection

Noisy Grunge

25 Handcrafted Grunge Textures

Grunge Textures Kit

100 Grunge Photoshop Textures


Animated Grain Textures

Grit Textures Collection

Dirt #1 Texture Pack

Blackview Grunge Textures Collection

Film Grain Textures

30 Scratch Textures

15 Dust and Hair Particles Backgrounds / Textures

Grunge Vintage Lights

16 Grunge Textures

20 Rough Imperfection Grunge Texture

Grunge Vector Textures

Grunge Texture Pack

10 Grunge Texture Pack

Vector Grunge Textures x12

Vector Grunge Stripes Textures x12

Film Grain & Dust Texture Overlay

20 Vector Subtle Grunge Textures

Dust & Grunge + Glitch textures

Subtle Distress Texture

Grunge+Dust - 15 Grunge Texture

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