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Thanks to media like Star Trek, The Jetsons, and Back To The Future, we have real-life manifestations of AI in fiction. When we were growing up, science fiction books, movies, and television shows explored what was possible using science, technology, and intelligent computers. Not everyone may be ready for robots that resemble humans or self-taught spaceships, and artificial intelligence is not quite there yet. Still, at this current stage of AI progression, the world is generally satisfied even if the early sci-fi writers may have expected more. The potential for AI development is so great that it’s hard to imagine our future without it. Our reality is heavily impacted by AI, a concept that has been bringing science fiction dreams into fruition for decades.

In the early 1960s, The Jetsons were onto something when they depicted phone calls accompanied by images and showed robots that took care of cleaning. Now we have robotic vacuums that can navigate alone throughout your home as well and applications like Facetime or Facebook Portal that allow video calls. There is even technology that not only prepares and cooks meals, but cleans up after itself. Artificial intelligence is literally making our lives more efficient and continues to change the course of human history. It’s as if artificial intelligence has taken us into the late 90s movie, Smart House, but changed the self-aware Pat into our friendly assistant, Alexa. We’re now able to predict weather down to the second and handle phone calls and texts using only our line of sight.

Fiction often offers two ideas of a future with AI: utopian and dystopian. While there is an artificial intelligence that has created its own intermediate language and another that will identify and target threats, you don’t need to worry about a robotic takeover any time soon. It is predicted that by 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence. Hopefully our economy follows that from the movie, The Culture, where humans and AI live in harmony even in a future where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence.

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Businesses that develop these technologies are bringing the world of fiction to life. Who’s to say how close the future of AI will be to science fiction? Learn more about how AI is making dreams a reality from the infographic below.

AI From Science Fiction To Reality - The Business of Turning SciFi AI to Reality [Infographic]

Infographic Source: Noodle.ai

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