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Forget Photoshop, forget Illustrator! If you ever want to design a logo, label, T-shirt, poster, greetings card or invitation with a vintage style, this amazing new free-to-use tool from Heritage Type will help you create stunning graphics with ease! Choose from hundreds of ready-made templates (or start with a blank canvas) then customise the text and layout with a complete library of fonts, illustrations, ornaments, and effects.

Heritage Designer Interface

Heritage Designer combines everything you need to create vintage designs into one revolutionary tool. No longer do you need to buy expensive fonts, logo templates, stock design assets, or even software! Heritage Designer has it all, directly in your browser. Use advanced editing tools and drag & drop functionality to easily build your designs.

Spoon Graphics subscribers are invited to try out a FREE 3 month Pro-Plan worth $45! No payment info or cancellation is required, your account will simply revert to the regular ‘Free plan’. With this completely free trial, you gain access to the entire library of design templates and elements with commercial licensing and the ability to export high-res JPG, PNG and Vector designs.

Get a $45 Heritage Designer Pro-Plan for FREE

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