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In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to take you through my process of creating a vintage style advertisement poster with letterpress print effects. We’ll start by laying out the design with a selection of fonts inspired by the era of wood type, along with some hand-drawn graphic elements using a limited 3-colour palette. Then I’ll show you some useful tricks to simulate the visual traits of old prints with the help of some Photoshop filters and my free brushes and texture packs.

Vintage Letterpress Poster Design in Photoshop

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► Activate the WTR French Clarendon font – https://spoon.graphics/2QHcU62
► Activate the Colt font – https://spoon.graphics/2CJNcYq
► Activate the Casey font – https://spoon.graphics/2XmAAit
► Activate the Scriptorama font – https://spoon.graphics/2ydraie
► Download my Free Old Paper Textures – https://spoon.graphics/3aAJFtN
► Download my Free Grain Shader Photoshop Brushes – https://spoon.graphics/2XtT8NY

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