Whether you are a professional woodworker operating a construction business, or an amateur woodworker, a wood planer may be an essential tool for your operations.

What is a Wood Planer?

A wood planer is a tool which is used to create a flat surface on a piece of lumber. It can produce a flat surface which is necessary in a variety of woodworking applications such as building furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects.

Different Types of Wood Planers

There are several different types of wood planers available to suit different needs. They include:

  • Manual Planers – These are smaller and more affordable planers which you have to manually push down on the wood. Ideal for the hobbyist who needs a reliable tool for small-scale projects.
  • Electric Planers – These are more powerful and are ideal for larger-scale projects such as furniture and cabinet making. They are usually more expensive as well.
  • Drum Sanders – These tools use drums to achieve a high-grade construction or woodworking finish. They are ideal for making furniture and cabinets.

Benefits of Using a Wood Planer

Wood planers can offer a number of benefits including:

  • Helping you achieve the exact measurements and angles you need
  • Providing a precision finish with little effort
  • Suitable for a wide range of woodworking applications
  • Long lasting and reliable tools with minimal maintenance needs


A wood planer is a great tool for any woodworking or construction business, whether professional or amateur. By offering a range of sizes and types, you can find a wood planer that meets the demands of your woodworking projects.