Let’s face it – networking is the cornerstone of any sound business. One of the more popular places that many professionals network on today is LinkedIn. B2B marketers in particular should be using Linkedin to your advantage in order to help build more connections and strengthen your network.

But how do you make sure your profile stands out? How do you use LinkedIn to optimize and better represent your brand? Check out our top tips below to help you maximize your B2B marketing on LinkedIn:

Optimization Tips

  • Create a stand-out headline and summary: This is the key thing people will see when they find you on LinkedIn, so make sure it reflects your brand message and makes you sound competent and knowledgeable.
  • Write for the audience: Think about who you are trying to attract and create content that resonates with that particular audience.
  • Choose the right keywords: Make sure your summary and experience include the keywords that will best describe you to your audience.
  • Include multimedia: Utilize clear images and videos to illustrate and expand on your points.
  • Choose a professional-looking profile picture: A professional profile pic should look professional and pleasant.
  • Keep it up to date: Make sure you update your content regularly and keep your information up to date.

Humanization tips:

  • Focus on storytelling: Showcase your experience through stories and case studies rather than plain resumes.
  • Maximize interactions: Connect with potential customers and maintain relationships through group discussions and messages.
  • Engage thoughtfully: Respond to comments and questions thoughtfully, and make sure to highlight successes and your experience.
  • Maintain a presence: Regularly share content, or comment on posts to stay in the foreground.
  • Personalize: Create personal messages when connecting with someone and find genuine ways to build relationships with prospects.
  • Network authentically: Don’t just network with people that are directly connected to your business — expand your network to reach a larger and broader audience.

Following these tips will help boost your presence on LinkedIn and better help you maximize your marketing efforts. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in getting the word out about your business, so don’t be afraid to capitalize on its many features. With some strategic thinking and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to attract an audience and better represent your brand.