B2B Marketers on the Move: Summer 2023 Marking Industry Talent &Trust

The marketing industry is a fast-paced and dynamic field, constantly changing to adapt to new technological advancements and customer trends. Major B2B marketers are making big moves in summer 2023 to hone their talent and build trust with customers.

Talent Acquisition

B2B marketers are constantly on the lookout for new talent to fuel their projects. They are:

  • Recruiting marketing professionals: B2B organizations are actively hiring full-time marketing professionals with experience in their field to help craft strategy and deliver results. They’re paying close attention to potential candidates’ writing and digital marketing skills, as well as their creative problem-solving tactics.
  • Sponsoring internships: To bring fresh perspectives, B2B marketers are sponsoring internships for students or recent graduates interested in a marketing career. These interns often receive mentorship from a senior marketer, as well as exposure to multiple facets of the marketing field.
  • Partnering with agencies: For specific projects or campaigns, B2B marketers are partnering with specialized agencies with specific expertise in areas like digital ads or SEO. These agencies are often able to provide extra personnel for an extra boost.


B2B marketers are also focused on building trust with their target customers. For that, they are:

  • Connecting with influencers: By connecting with reputable industry influencers, B2B marketers are able to tap into the trust those influencers have already established with prospects.
  • Taking advantage of reviews: By using verified customer reviews on product pages and social media channels, B2B marketers ensure prospects see the positive experiences of other customers before they make their decision.
  • Engaging in conversations: B2B marketers are engaging customers directly, through direct messages on social media or offering live chat on their website. Being available to answer questions and help customers with any issues builds a strong level of trust that customers value.

Moving Forward

B2B marketers are always looking out for new trends, technologies, and tactics to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. As summer 2023 and beyond approach, they’re sure to keep making moves to recruit top talent and build trust with customers.