Elevate B2B Marketing News

The latest updates to B2B Marketing are shaking up the industry. Let’s take a look at three major changes that could affect marketing strategies for companies of all sizes.

B2B Data Quality Investments

Data is one of the most important parts of a successful B2B marketing plan. Quality data is essential for informed decision making. To support this, investments have been made to support better data quality and this includes:

  • Technology: New digital tools have been created to improve accuracy and relevance of B2B data. On-going investments have been made in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to optimise data quality.
  • Standardisation: New standards have been developed to enable businesses to standardise their data across different locations and systems. This makes it easier to find and use the data you need.
  • Governance: Systems are now in place for data governance to ensure that data is accurate, up-to-date and secure.

Google Updates Quality Guidelines

Google recently announced new updates to its quality guidelines that could have an impact on B2B SEO. The update will reduce the number of low-quality sites that are ranking in its search engine results. This could mean more visibility for high-quality websites and better results for B2B marketers.

Ethnic Diversity In Marketing Study

A new study has revealed a lack of ethnic diversity in the marketing industry. It found that only 17% of marketing executives are from ethnic minority backgrounds, despite making up nearly 40% of the population.

The lack of diversity could have an impact on B2B marketing. As more consumers from ethnic minority backgrounds use digital channels, it’s important for businesses to be aware of the need to create content and campaigns that appeal to these audiences.

These changes to B2B marketing could have a major impact on businesses of all sizes. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends to ensure that your marketing strategies are on point.