B2B Pipeline Study, AI’s Rising Video Use, Google’s New Verification Tools, & What B2B Buyers Want

The B2B pipeline study shows that business buyers are more educated and informed than ever before, giving sellers the challenge of creating a buyer journey that is both seamless and positive. A recent study conducted by Demand Gen on nearly 400 B2B buyers revealed key insights into account-based marketing, buyer expectations and data-driven strategies.

Not Your Grandmother’s Buying Experience

The research uncovered key trends that show not only what B2B buyers want out of the buying experience but also how much more knowledgeable and multi-dimensional the buying process is becoming. The findings included the following:

  • Priorities for the buying journey: 76 percent of buyers said that their top priority was researching product information.
  • Top buying influences: When asked to identify their most influential source of information, 68 percent of buyers said it was peer/colleague resources.
  • Best tactics for gaining buyer trust: 56 percent of buyers said that vendors that directly answer their questions are the most reliable source of trust-building content.

Creating a Positive, Data-Driven Buying Experience

To keep up with the evolving buyer journey, sellers must stay on top of new technology, verification tools and other trends that are driving the B2B buying experience. Here are some of the most noteworthy trends in B2B marketing:

  • AI’s rising video use: AI-generated video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tactics for differentiating your message from competitors and engaging prospects. Video-based content allows for a more immersive, interactive experience, and personalizes the buyer’s journey.
  • Google’s new verification tools: Google launched its new verification tool for businesses to easily connect their accounts and access Google My Business, Ads and Maps. This verification process helps you quickly and more effectively engage with customers through Google services.

The Bottom Line

B2B buyers are more informed and sophisticated than ever before, and understanding how they think is key to creating a positive, data-driven buying experience. Keeping up with the latest trends in B2B marketing, from AI-generated video to Google’s new verification tools, is essential in helping sellers create a seamless and memorable journey for buyers.