Four Crucial B2B Marketing Updates to Know Now

1. B2B Visual Search

As B2B decision-makers increasingly rely on visuals to assess products and services, the use of visual search technology is becoming more prevalent. Visual search algorithms enable customers to find the right B2B products or services they’re looking for based on their images or videos rather than relying on typed queries. Because of this, the visual search industry is projected to grow to close to $20 billion by 2023.

2. ABM Use Rises

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an effective strategy for B2B companies to engage with and nurture their target customers. As a result, B2B marketers are increasingly choosing to prioritize ABM over traditional sales and marketing efforts. A study from 2020 has found that 75% of B2B marketing teams prioritize ABM in their marketing strategies.

3. LinkedIn’s New B2B Search Features

LinkedIn continues to expand its B2B search features, aiming to make its platform easier to use for B2B businesses. With the new features, B2B marketers can now quickly access detailed company data and find better opportunities for potential leads. LinkedIn’s B2B search capabilities can ultimately save marketers time while also providing them with deeper insights into their target markets.

4. Google’s New Headline Limits

Google recently announced new rules for its B2B search ads, limiting the length of ad headlines to 25 characters. This change is seen as an effort to improve customers’ search experiences, as overly long headlines often lead to confusion and an overall weaker ad performance.


B2B marketers need to stay informed of new trends and tools to ensure they’re taking advantage of the most impactful tactics. From B2B visual search to ABM use, to LinkedIn’s new B2B search features and Google’s new headline limits, these four updates are crucial to understand in order to maximize success in B2B marketing.