Personalization Continuing To Become Increasingly Important in B2B

The insights that marketers can uncover about their customers are becoming richer and more insightful than ever before, enabling them to deliver a more personalized customer experience. It should come as no surprise then, that the same sort of personalization is becoming ever more prominent in the B2B marketing space.

Rising Personalization in B2B

  • B2B customers are increasingly expecting personalized experiences: Customers have come to expect personalized experiences across their life, and this is translating into B2B, with companies recognizing that B2B buyers should be no different.
  • Marketing automation tools are enabling personalization: Automation tools are allowing B2B marketers to deliver personalized experiences at scale, greatly increasing the speed with which B2B companies can send targeted marketing messages to their audience.
  • Advances in data are continuing to fuel personalization: Advances in data and analytics are allowing B2B marketers to gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs, enabling them to deliver more personalized experiences.

Meta’s New Llama 2 AI

Meta, a leader in eCommerce personalization, has now released its new Llama 2 AI. The AI-powered platform helps eCommerce companies create personalized experiences at scale, allowing them to quickly leverage customer data to personalize the product and content they show to customers. Companies will be able to use the platform to target customers with offers and product recommendations, as well as gaining insights on how their campaigns are performing.

Overall, this is great news for B2B businesses. With the rise of personalization becoming a crucial part of the customer experience, and the new possibilities for automating the process, it is now easier than ever for B2B companies to create tailored experiences for their customers, giving them the edge in a competitive market.