Spotify Woos B2B Marketers & Google’s EU AdTech Scrutiny

B2B marketing news continues to develop at a rapid pace, and here’s a quick roundup of some of the industry’s biggest headlines.

Spotify Courts B2B Marketers

Music streaming giant Spotify recently announced new, business-focused initiatives for marketers to take advantage of. The first launch, Spotify for Marketers, allows B2B marketers the ability to learn about the potential of audio results–driven campaigns, and to study up on what Spotify’s audio advertising initiatives have to offer.

Google Facing EU AdTech Scrutiny

In other industry news, the European Commissionhas recently launched an investigation of Google’s AdTech business practices, examining whether or not they abode antitrust rules. As one of the industry’s leading advertising and data platforms, Google’s practices are widely influential for the adtech industry as a whole.

Breaking Down the Stories

Spotify for Marketers: Businesses now have unprecedented access to audio marketing tools. By selecting specific objective, companies can launch a Spotify-powered audio campaign, to be heard by hundreds of millions of streams.

Google AdTech Scrutiny: The EU Commission is looking into whether Google’s AdTech practices amount to unfair behavior. The antitrust probe aims to determine if Google is unduly taking advantage of its position in the marketplace.


  • Spotify’s audio initiatives provide B2B marketers ample opportunity to take advantage of the streaming channels’ huge reach.
  • Enforcement of existing antitrust rules, as well as discovery of potentially unfair practices, give greater clarity into Google’s adtech operations.

As B2B marketers continue to grow their practices, they can stay apprised of the latest industry news here.