Elevate B2B Marketing Podcast: Strategy & Authenticity in B2B Marketing with Luxy Thuraisingam

Luxy Thuraisingam joined the Elevate B2B Marketing podcast to give an in-depth look into how to create compelling content to reach and engage prospects in the ever-evolving B2B marketing landscape.

Strategy & Authenticity in Design and Content

In the podcast, Luxy tackles topics such as the importance of developing authentic strategies for content creation and marketing design. Luxy stresses the importance of personalization in marketing design, and offers an actionable list of ways to create a sense of authenticity in existing and future designs:

  • Create dedicated themes for your content and visuals that speak to your ideal customer
  • Reuse current assets when repurposing content and visuals
  • Use stories to engage audiences and unlock potential
  • Vary the format of content and visuals to grab attention
  • Do A/B testing to see what resonates with your audience the most

Luxy also emphasises the importance of having a data-driven and analytics-driven approach to B2B marketing. By understanding user behaviour and audience engagement, marketers can optimize marketing designs and content for the best results.

New Tactics for B2B Marketers

Luxy also touches on new tactics which marketers can implement to drive better growth in the B2B market. Among these tactics are impression-based tactics such as using influencers, webinars, content marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as retargeting tactics such as retargeting campaigns, ABM campaigns and social campaigns.

Overall, the podcast is designed to give B2B marketers the tools they need to stay competitive and grow their business in the ever-evolving B2B marketing landscape.

Grow Your Business With Luxy Thuraisingam

If you’re looking for actionable advice on how to create compelling content and design for your B2B business, Luxy Thuraisingam and the Elevate B2B Marketing Podcast is well worth a listen. By following Luxy’s advice, you’ll be able to give your marketing the boost it needs to take your business to the next level.