How Do I Know My Moz Settings Are Setup Correctly?

Moz, or Moz Pro, is an essential tool for anyone looking to manage their online presence and generate more organic traffic. It provides deep insights into how search engines interpret and display webpage content, and facilitates the optimization of webpages and content for better search engine performance.

But getting the most out of Moz means making sure that it’s properly configured. If you’ve recently inherited or taken over a Moz account, you might be wondering how to tell if it’s set up correctly.

1. Keyword Tracking

The first step in gauging the quality of a Moz account is to check the keyword tracking. Head to the track keywords tab in the Moz Dashboard and make sure that the existing keywords have been properly configured.

2. Site Audits

Check to see if existing and new site audits have been conducted, and that the ongoing maintenance checks are being run. Moz’s site audits can quickly inform you of any technical issues that may be negatively affecting your website.

3. Link Analysis

Moz’s link analysis feature provides important insights into your website’s connectedness, and can quickly expose problems with backlink sources or inappropriate linking strategies. Make sure the link analysis feature is configured and updated regularly.

4. Monitoring and Measurement

Ensure that auto-tracking of metrics has been enabled and that the key metrics such as search traffic, domain and page authority, page performance, and keyword rankings are being monitored and measured correctly.

5. Automation

Moz’s automated workflow tools allow you to quickly and easily monitor your website’s performance and coordinate your various online activities. Make sure the automation capabilities have been enabled, and the appropriate automation tasks have been configured.


Checking and configuring the various settings and options of Moz is a necessary part of getting the most out of your online presence. If you’ve inherited or taken over a Moz account, be sure to review the account configuration and settings to make sure that everything is set up and configured correctly.