Discovering Twitter’s Brand Equity

In the current Social Media landscape, Twitter stands out as one of the most prominent and successful brands. To better understand the company’s equity, let’s look back at its journey over the past 17 years and shed light on its 12 million keywords.

Emergence Of Twitter & Its Growth

The basic idea of Twitter was created seventeen years ago, back in 2006, when its founder, Jack Dorsey, posted the very first tweet. Since then, the company has seen an incredible evolution based on three attributes: creativity, uncompromising independence, and a clear sense of purpose that was reflected in its slogan “A New Way to See the World.”

Thanks to the hard work of its developers and employees, Twitter eventually became the go-to platform for sharing news and posts with friends and the wider public. Moreover, Twitter’s use of timely algorithm-driven search results and its ability to spread content quickly, rendered it a powerful tool for activists, journalists, and influencers.

12 Million Keywords Explained

The brand equity of a company is closely linked to its ability to generate buzz when it comes to topics of public interest. In this sense, Twitter’s 12 million keywords have been an integral part of its success.

These keywords are essential for Twitter’s algorithm to identify trending topics, which in turn helps its users find interesting and relevant content. Additionally, they are used for hashtag promotions and sponsored posts that further enhance brand visibility and awareness.


To reach its current level of brand equity, Twitter has carefully developed its platform and image over 17 remarkable years. By relentlessly focusing on its core values of creativity, independence, and ambition, Twitter has managed to build a staggering 12 million keywords into its algorithms, providing its users with an unparalleled user experience.

In conclusion, Twitter continues to be one of the most influential brands in the world. By leveraging its 12 million keywords, Twitter has secured its place at the forefront of Social Media and will remain there for many years to come.