12 Can’t-Miss Sessions at 2023’s B2B Marketing Exchange Conference #B2BMX

2023’s B2B Marketing Exchange Conference hits the ground running with 12 can’t-miss sessions! From sales and services to recruitment and emerging disciplines, this year’s Conference has something to offer marketers of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a look at the must-attend sessions from the 2023 B2BMX Conference.

1. Sales Strategies for B2B Marketers

Speaker: Robert Sims, Sales Strategist

Description: This talk will cover the fundamentals of B2B sales, providing strategies and tactics to help marketers close and retain customers. Topics include cold-calling, offer optimization, and customer retention.

2. Expanding the Reach of B2B Services

Speaker: Colleen Broome, Service Delivery Manager

Description: Learn how to increase the size and reach of B2B service offerings by leveraging digital and offline channels. Topics include marketing mix optimization, building relationships, and increasing customer adoption.

3. Recruitment for a B2B Engineering Team

Speaker: Joe Smith, Engineering Recruiter

Description: Find out how to recruit the best engineers for a B2B software engineering team. Topics include leveraging professional networks, interviewing and assessment tips, and retention strategies.

4. Boosting B2B Social Media Engagement

Speaker: Dan Rubens, Social Media Consultant

Description: This session will share proven tactics and strategies to increase the reach and engagement of B2B social media campaigns. Topics include audience targeting, content optimization, and influencer marketing.

5. Analytics in the B2B Environment

Speaker: Jen Johns, Data Scientist

Description: Get an introduction to using analytics and data to inform marketing decisions in a B2B setting. Topics include data collection and analysis, interpreting insights, and generating actionable insights.

6. Optimizing UX for B2B Applications

Speaker: Chris Brown, UX Designer

Description: Explore the principles of effective B2B application design, from the perspective of the user. Topics include user journeys, feature planning, and user testing.

7. Upgrading Your B2B Website

Speaker: Peter Paulsen, Web Developer

Description: Learn the technical skills needed to design and develop a modern B2B website. Topics include hosting, content management, and usability.

8. Artificial Intelligence in B2B Settings

Speaker: Kathy Rochester, AI Specialist

Description: Discover the potential of AI for B2B marketing and learn how to make the best use of it. Topics include data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

9. Revenue Management Best Practices

Speaker: Elisa Dunn, Revenue Manager

Description: Find out how to maximize the revenue potential of a B2B business. Topics include pricing structures, customer segmentation, and forecasting.

10. B2B Messaging and Communications

Speaker: Paul Simpson, Communications Strategist

Description: Learn the key principles of B2B messaging, covering topics such as customer service, voice and tone, and email marketing automation.

11. B2B Influencer Marketing

Speaker: Julie Powers, Influencer Marketer

Description: The experienced and knowledgeable Julie Powers will cover the basics of B2B influencer marketing, from finding the right influencers to building relationships and creating content.

12. Emerging Disciplines for B2B Marketers

Speaker: Bill Reynolds, Senior Marketing Strategist

Description: As new technologies, potential markets, and customer needs arise, B2B marketers must keep pace and stay ahead of the curve. Learn how to stay one step ahead, using topics such as :

  • Data-driven marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Account-based marketing
  • Branding

Join the 2023 B2BMX Conference to gain first-hand insights into the latest and greatest in B2B marketing. With speakers from a range of backgrounds and fields, you’re sure to learn something new, expand your network, and stay informed of the latest industry trends. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!