In the spirit of celebrating Women in B2B Marketing for Women’s History Month, we want to recognize these female B2B marketers who are pushing boundaries and making waves in the industry.

1. Amy Harrison

Amy is a B2B Marketing Consultant and Founder & CEO of Harrison Advisory. With 20+ years experience, she’s passionate about leveraging creative solutions, planning, and strategy to help B2B companies thrive.

2. Danielle Wiley

Danielle is the CEO of Sisu, a company focused on artificial intelligence-powered marketing solutions for B2B companies. She’s one of Forbes 30 under 30 and recognized by Digiday as one of The Most Creative Women In Advertising.

3. Kate O’Neill

Kate is a Forbes Top 50 Keynote Speaker and the author of “Tech Humanist”, which “offers practical advice on thriving in our digital future, starting with understanding how people interact with technology”. She’s also the founder of KO Insights, a consultancy specialized in AI and digital experience.

4. Kristina Prokop

Kristina is a B2B Marketing Consultant and Co-Founder of Attest, the first automated solution for ABM. She’s been recognized with the “Woman of Excellence” Award from the U.S. Women In Business Association, among many other awards.

5. Marianne Malecice

Marianne is a B2B Marketer, mentor and an influencer for many areas of content, including lead generation and ABM. She’s also the co-founder of Speak at Scale, a platform that helps B2B marketers reach and engage with key stakeholders.

6. Elizabeth Earin

Elizabeth is a principal at Ridge Road Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund focusing on tech-enabled businesses in industries like marketing, e-commerce and service-based businesses. She’s also a frequent speaker and broadcast contributor.

7. Nicky Laatz

Nicky is a digital strategist, product and experience designer, and innovator. She’s the founder of The Marketing Laboratory, a digital strategy consultancy, and, a digital marketing agency.

8. Annie Tsai

Annie is the co-founder of DataMind, a startup that helps businesses unlock the power of AI and machine learning to increase their capacity for marketing. She’s also a mentor for various accelerators, advising on product and growth.

9. Deirdre O’Byrne

Deirdre is the CEO of Marquet, a B2B marketing platform that helps companies track their metrics, automate workflow, and manage their digital assets. She’s a recognized leader in the industry and an avid advocate for women in technology.

10. Steph Falck

Steph is an expert in digital marketing and influencer marketing, and the founder of InfluencerBrand Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency. She’s also a frequent speaker and contributor, and a YEC-member.

11. Susan Garnett

Susan is the founder and CEO of The Garnett Agency, a full-service B2B marketing consultancy that provides integrative branding, marketing, and communications solutions. She’s a trusted adviser to many B2B companies around the world.

12. Terri Scaduto

Terri is the founder & CEO of Ora Interactive, a content marketing and lead generation agency. She’s a recognized contributor in the areas of marketing automation, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

These twelve inspiring women are leading the way for other B2B marketers and shaking up the industry. We celebrate these women for raising the bar and finding creative ways to make an impact and to drive success in their organizations and in the B2B industry.
Let’s continue to recognize and celebrate their achievements!