25 Best Unboxing Videos & How to Create Your Own Masterpiece

Unboxing videos have swept the internet in the recent years; especially with the rise of social media and Youtube. Not only are they appealing and exciting to watch, but they are simple yet effective ways to promote products. Unboxing videos are a great way to engage with customers, giving them a hands-on-experience without having to actually purchase the product.

The 25 Best Unboxing Videos

  • Apple Unboxing: Unboxing the iPhone XR
  • Sony PlayStation Unboxing: Unboxing the PS4 Pro
  • Unboxing the Smart TV
  • Unboxing the Xbox Series X
  • Unboxing a Drone
  • Unboxing the GoPro HERO 8
  • Amazon Unboxing: Unboxing the Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Unboxing the Nintendo Switch
  • The Best Unboxing Video: Unboxing a Luxury Watch
  • Unboxing Samsung’s Newest Smartphone
  • Unboxing the Samsung Gear VR
  • Unboxing the Apple Watch
  • Unboxing a Luxury Car
  • Unboxing the Newest Apple AirPods
  • Unboxing a Laptop
  • Unboxing a Virtual Reality Headset
  • Unboxing the Apple iPad
  • Unboxing the iPhone 12
  • Unboxing a Video Game Console
  • Unboxing a Smart Speaker
  • Unboxing a 3D Printer
  • Unboxing a Drone
  • Unboxing a Digital Camera
  • Unboxing a Premium Audio System
  • Unboxing an Android Smartphone

How to Create Your Own Unboxing Masterpiece

  • Plan: First and foremost, you will need to plan out your unboxing video. Think of the kind of product you will be unboxing, the amount of time you will need to film the video, and the kind of atmosphere you want to create.
  • Film: This is head and shoulders the most important step! Having a steady camera, good lighting, and an engaging atmosphere will ensure you have a great unboxing video. You’ll also want to make sure you record in the highest resolution possible.
  • Edit: After filming your unboxing video, the next step is to edit it. This allows you to add your own personal touches to the video, such as music, transitions, and special effects.
  • Distribute: The final step is to distribute the video on your preferred platform. This could be your own website, YouTube, or social media. Make sure to use appropriate keywords and descriptions so your video can be easily pulled up in search engines.

Unboxing videos are a great way to engage with customers and promote products. With the right plan, filming, and editing, you can create the perfect unboxing video masterpiece!