If you’re setting up a small business, having a domain name strategy in place is key to ensure your website and branding will be successful. Here are some essentials you should keep in mind when choosing a domain name:

1. Keep it Short and Simple

Though having a longer domain might appear more professional to you, research suggests that shorter domain names are more memorable for customers so keep it short and sweet.

2. Make it Memorable

Make sure the domain name is memorable and can be easily associated with your business. You should also ensure it’s easy to spell and pronounce so your customers can find you without any issues.

3. Make it Relevant

You should pick a domain name that’s relevant to your business so customers can easily relate it to your company. Having a domain name that is relevant to your industry or offerings can help positioning of your business and the trust customers will associate with it.

4. Use Correct Domains

The extension you pick for your domain is an important factor in how the internet perceives your domain. At present, .com, .co.uk and .eu are most common extensions. Make sure you pick the digitally appropriate domain for your business such as ‘.org’ for NGOs and ‘.edu’ for educational institutions.

5. Research and Get Creative

Finally, if you want to stand out a bit from the competition it’s a good idea to research the competition to see what they’re doing and come up with something that resonates with your customers. Get creative and create a domain name that’s descriptive, attractive and memorable, with all these while keeping it relevant to your company’s values.

Following these tips will help build a solid foundation for your domain name strategy and ensure your small business website stands out in the competitive digital landscape.