When it comes to getting others on-board with SEO, it’s sometimes a challenge. To help make it easier, here are 5 key considerations to keep in mind when trying to persuade the holdouts to invest in SEO:

1. SEO Drives Traffic & Revenue:

SEO can be a powerful tool for increasing website traffic, conversions, and overall revenue. Depending on the resources available and the goals of the organization, SEO can play an important role in driving growth and profitability.

2. SEO is an Investment, Not a Cost:

It’s important to think of SEO as an investment, not an expense. While it can require some upfront spending, the long-term gains more than make up for it. It’s hard to argue with the fact that organic traffic is more valuable than paid traffic and that organic search results are more likely to convert than paid ads.

3. SEO Takes Time to Work:

It’s important to note that SEO doesn’t provide immediate results. It’s an iterative process that takes time and effort to see positive results. That’s why it’s important to be patient and focus on the long-term, as the investment can pay dividends in the form of increased traffic and conversions.

4. SEO Is a Long-Term Bet:

SEO is a long-term strategy and the results often take time to manifest. This means that many of those who have invested in SEO have not seen immediate returns. However, if they are willing to invest time, effort, and resources over a sustained period of time, they may be rewarded with increased organic traffic, better rankings, and improved conversions.

5. SEO Is More Than Just Rankings:

SEO isn’t just about rankings, and it goes beyond just getting more traffic. SEO is about providing value to users, increasing brand awareness and trust, and ultimately driving conversions. SEO is not a one-time process, but rather on ongoing effort to ensure that the website remains optimized for search engines and continues to provide value to users.

By keeping these 5 considerations in mind, it can be easier to demonstrate the value of SEO and why it’s worth investing in.