AI (Artificial Intelligence) is quickly becoming part of our everyday lives. We are seeing it used in many fields, including design and the creative arts. As AI technology advances, many are asking if there is a future in graphic design when AI could replace human creative effort.

The Unique Human Touch of Graphic Design

Graphic design relies heavily on the unique creativity and imagination of the artist. Technology doesn’t produce the same kind of thoughtful art and design that humans can create. AI technology does have potential for creating visually appealing designs, but humans still provide a special quality to their designs that AI can’t match.

Computer-Generated Designs

AI technology is becoming increasingly used to generate computer-generated images, designs and logos. These computer-generated designs can be very attractive and cost-effective, as they don’t require the same level of input from a human artist.

Where AI Falls Short

Despite the potential of computer-generated designs, AI still falls short of humans when it comes to creative design. AI doesn’t understand business objectives, target audiences, or the ability to interpret how people interact with design elements. Human designers have the expertise to create stunning visuals that not only look good, but also effectively deliver a message.


The use of AI in design is inevitable, but the role of human designers is far from over. AI technology can’t match the unique qualities of a human-made design and the expertise that comes with it. It is clear that there is still very much a future in graphic design, and humans will always have a place in the space.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI technology is being used more and more in creative design, but can’t replace the creativity and expertise of a human.
  • Computer-generated designs are run off AI technology and can be visually appealing, but lack the insight of a human designer.
  • The role of human designers is still essential in graphics design, and will always have a place in the space.