The 2023 Cannes Creative B2B Lions event was an excellent opportunity to explore the use of technologies, such as AI, in creative marketing initiatives. Here are the key insights we gleaned from the event.

AI and Creative B2B Brands are Already Taking the Lead

The event provided opportunity for attendees to hear from some of the best-known players in the world of creative B2B marketing. Several companies have already embraced AI-driven strategies for developing creative campaigns, and many others are eager to follow their lead to capture new markets and reap the rewards of AI-powered growth.

New Talent and Skills are Needed to Support AI-Processed Creativity

The use of AI presents both an opportunity and a challenge when it comes to marketing. On one hand, AI can help marketers accelerate product delivery, testing, and more, but on the other hand, it requires personnel with the right skillsets and experience to ensure marketing initiatives are successful. This requires new roles such as AI strategists and AI technology specialists to be engaged to set up and manage AI-driven initiatives, as well as a shift in attitude on the part of traditional marketers to bring in experts from the AI world.

AI and Human Collaboration is Taking Centre Stage

The relationship between AI and humans is a key theme running through creative B2B marketing. Attendees learnt that a truly successful AI-driven marketing campaign requires the effective collaboration of both AI and humans working in tandem. This collaboration can unlock potent opportunities, from developing holistic campaign strategies to executing on them flawlessly.

The Need for Speed and Efficiency is Paramount

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of marketing, speed and efficiency are key to getting ahead. AI can help marketers save time by automating many tedious and complex tasks. In addition, AI-driven technologies help marketers maximize efficiency by helping assess customer needs quickly and tailor messaging accordingly for maximum impact.

Overall, the event was an excellent opportunity to explore the use of AI in creative B2B marketing initiatives. AI-driven strategies can help marketers unlock tremendous opportunities for growth and success, but they need to be implemented strategically and with the right team of talent to ensure success. AI and humans must collaborate effectively, and marketers must employ new roles and processes to ensure accelerated speed and efficiency.