Shopping for flags can be an intimidating task, but if you’re looking for an American Flag, the selection becomes a little easier. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your purchase with this guide to our top picks, tips, and FAQs related to buying the perfect American Flag.

Top Picks

  • Dura-Flag USA-Made Cotton Flag: This top-pick features fade-resistant and UV-resistant construction, reinforced stitching, and American-made quality. The best part? It’s backed by a 3-year guarantee.
  • Valley Forge American Flag: You can’t go wrong with this US-made, 100% nylon flag. It’s designed for heavy-duty commercial and residential use and is guaranteed to outlast any weather conditions.
  • Annin Tough-Tex Flag: The longest-lasting flag you can buy, this Annin-made option is created with UV-resistant materials and is ideal for high-wind areas. Plus, the bright colors and vibrant construction won’t fade over time.

Tips for Buying

  • Know your climate and location. Do you live in a windy area? Is it sunny? Consider your surroundings and purchase a flag made with tough, weather-resistant construction.
  • Be aware of your budget. High-quality American flags can range in price from $20 to beyond $200. Set your limit and shop around to find the best value for the money.
  • Check for guarantees. If you purchase a pre-owned flag, make sure it has a warranty or guarantee or at least an inspection for quality.


  • Q: What size flag is right for me? A: The size of your flag should depend on the pole you’re using. Generally, for 25-45 foot poles, a 4×6 flag is recommended, while poles measuring 45-70 feet should use a 5×8 flag.
  • Q: How much should I expect to pay? A: Prices can vary, but costs should generally range from $20-200.
  • Q: What is the best way to care for a flag? A: Generally, flags should be taken down and given a gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Be sure to store your flag in a dry place away from direct sunlight and protect it from weather.

If you’re in the market for an American Flag, rest assured you have plenty of options. With the top picks, tips, and FAQs we’ve provided here, you can find the perfect fit for your home or office.