B2B Ignite USA 2023 Wrap-Up:The Importance of Being Human

At the 2023 B2B Ignite USA conference, ideas were shared and explored that challenged the new status quo of how companies can succeed in the future business world. This year was particularly focused on the importance of understanding customer relationships in a new and more human way.

Life After the Pandemic

With the pandemic still looming, the discussion around how businesses can thrive in a post-pandemic world was a major topic of discussion. How would companies interact with their customers? And how could they maintain those relationships even when there are still major limits on in-person interactions? The conference offered insight into the various strategies that a company can take in order to maintain relationships with customers.

Putting the Human Touch Back into Business

One of the main things the conference highlighted is the importance of understanding both your customers and how to really reach them. This means taking a personalized approach when dealing with customer relationships. This could be done through showing your customers that you value and appreciate their loyalty and understanding their needs firsthand.

Making the Most of Technology

Another thing the conference discussed was how to use technology to engage customers in unique ways. This could include virtual meetups, virtual trials or demos, and using different online tools to stay connected with customers. Additionally, more traditional methods such as on-site visits and traditional print materials are still viable options for engaging customers.

Being Adaptable

Finally, the conference highlighted the importance of staying adaptable to change and adopting new technologies and strategies to meet customer needs. This means being ready to pivot quickly and respond to customer needs as they arise. Companies must not only be willing to change, but to lead the charge in this changing climate.


Overall, the 2023 B2B Ignite USA conference was focused on understanding customer relationships in the midst of great change. It highlighted the importance of being human when it comes to engaging customers, using technology in innovative ways, and staying adaptable to changes. These are key elements to success in our new business world.