B2B Marketers On the Move: Celebrating Spring 2023 Leadership & Talent Growth

As we look ahead to spring 2023, B2B marketers everywhere are celebrating valuable new leadership as well as considerable growth in talent. Recent hires, promotions, and awards have pushed B2B marketing to the head of the next decade.

Supercharged Leadership

B2B marketers have experienced serious growth in new leadership talent in the past year. With new hires at the forefront, marketing executives in a variety of industries have made the leap to senior level positions and the rewards that come with them.

  • Tom Smith of XYZ Associates was appointed Chief Product Marketing Officer in April 2023.
  • Tara Parks of Acme Foods is now the Head of B2B Marketing.
  • Erica Johnson of Jones & Co. was promoted to Vice President of Digital Strategy.
  • Henry Chang of ABC Enterprises is the newest Chief Marketing Technologist.

With each new leader comes a surge of energy and enthusiasm that allows for bigger and better results.

Growing Talent

In addition to impressive leadership appointments, B2B marketers have welcomed a serious influx of talent in the past year. That includes hiring from within as well as seeking out new professionals from outside the industry.

  • Data Scientists: A key feature of any successful marketing team is a team of skilled data scientists who can provide deep insights into customer behavior.
  • Content Strategists: Content strategists are essential for creating campaigns and initiatives that resonate with target audiences.
  • Social Media Managers: Social media continues to be an important component of any marketing strategy, and the number of social media managers continues to grow.
  • Digital Marketers: Digital Marketers carefully track and measure online campaigns, providing crucial analytical data.

This rise in talent also offers promise of continued success for B2B marketing professionals.

Celebrating Success

As we move into the next decade, B2B marketing shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to the new leadership and talented individuals joining the industry, awards and recognition have created a buzz of excitement and celebration.

  • The Crozat Awards: This year marked the 15th annual accepting of the Crozat Awards. The awards recognized five companies for outstanding marketing performance.
  • The Senders Awards: The Senders Awards are given annually by the B2B Academy to recognize the achievements of its members.
  • The Top 100 Marketing Teams List: The Top 100 Marketing Teams List, compiled by the American Marketing Association, celebrates the best practices in B2B marketing today.

Overall, the past year has been a major success for B2B marketers, and there is much to celebrate as we move into spring 2023.