It’s Spring 2023 and the B2B Marketing world is in full bloom. Despite the many challenges and unknowns of the previous year, B2B Marketers have not slowed down, but have instead embraced the changes with clever strategies to tap into new opportunities.

Leadership Changes

  • Established industry veteran Shelly Heartman has stepped in to bring her experience and leadership to a major B2B Retailer Partner. Her role as VP of Sales & Marketing, focused on long-term growth, will be highly beneficial to the team.
  • Rohan Singh, a former CMO, has now joined a Fair Trade App provider as their Head of Marketing. Rohan is known for his expertise in global marketing and is eager to help drive and measure growth for the company.
  • A major financial services firm has hired Brand Strategist Shelby Hawkins to lead their global brand and marketing initiatives. Her deep understanding of the B2B marketing landscape, combined with her ability to develop and execute campaigns, will be invaluable to the team.

Talent Expansion

  • The company’s newly hired VP of Digital Transformation, Matthew Kaye, knows that digital solutions are the key to success in the B2B market. He is focused on developing strategies to improve customer experience, drive analytics and optimize the overall digital transformation.
  • An established Saas company has tapped into the talent of Search Engine Optimization specialist, Ace Tamura. His aim is to use his technical knowledge to improve search engine visibility and enhance the customer experience.
  • The team at a B2B tech company is thrilled to welcome veteran Content Marketer, Sam Wilson. He is excited to take on the challenge of crafting compelling stories and making them come alive with copywriting, visuals, and video.

Growth Opportunities Ahead

As we move into Spring 2023, B2B Marketers have plenty to be excited about. With leadership changes and talent expansions taking place, the industry’s future looks brighter than ever. We look forward to continued growth, success, and exciting advancements in B2B Marketing.