B2B Marketers on the Move: Spotlighting New Leadership & Talent To Kick Off 2023

B2B marketers are continuing to expand and evolve their strategies to capture new markets and keep up with the pace of change in 2021. To kick off 2023 in a fresh direction, we’d like to take a closer look at the emerging leadership and talent driving innovation and growth in the B2B marketing space.

New Talent

The B2B marketing scene is abuzz with some exciting new talent. Here are just a few of the innovative minds shaking things up:

  • Pamela Styers is a digital marketer and advisor at leading B2B SaaS startup Lunarly. Her intimate knowledge of the B2B landscape and expertise in content marketing have made her a valuable asset to their team.
  • Larissa Peterson is the CMO at Bitmark, a quickly-growing cloud services company and one of the most influential B2B SaaS companies. Larissa has been credited with driving the company’s explosive growth and her marketing strategy has served as a model for many others.
  • Guy Tarver is the Chief Innovation Officer at iFactory, a leading B2B marketing firm specializing in data-driven campaigns. Guy is a master of sales funnel optimization and his work has helped numerous B2B companies increase their revenue.

New Leadership

In addition to the fresh faces joining the B2B marketing space, we’ve seen some veteran leaders take up new roles to drive innovation and progress in 2023:

  • Alexis Lewis, a veteran executive in the B2B tech space, recently took up the position of CMO at leading SaaS platform Nudj. She’s already made her mark by introducing a suite of new marketing automation tools and analytics to provide better insights into customer behavior.
  • Cory Schmidt recently joined the team at Morpheus Technologies as chief marketing officer. With a history of leading successful growth initiatives at major B2B software companies, Cory is well positioned to take Morpheus to new heights in the coming year.
  • Sarah Shields was recently named VP of Marketing at cloud-based collaboration tools provider, Appway. With her deep understanding of client engagement and creative campaigns, Sarah is sure to shake up the marketing and product development worlds for Appway.

This is an exciting time for B2B marketing professionals. We’re looking forward to seeing what these trailblazers bring to the industry in 2023. Keep on the lookout for new strategies and leaders that will be influencing the industry in the year ahead!