Paul Roetzer: A B2B Marketing Speaker Focusing on AI & Uniquely Human Content

Paul Roetzer is a B2B marketing expert and author who is passionately focused on the intersection of Artificial intelligence and uniquely human content. He recently appeared as a speaker at Ignite USA, where he discussed the evolving role of AI in content and offered insights into how modern marketers can use technology to get an edge.

Paul Roetzer’s Story

Paul Roetzer is an entrepreneur and self-described data-influencer who is the founder and CEO of PR20/20, a marketing agency that works with companies to develop strategies and expand growth. Roetzer has been featured on Bloomberg TV and in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and on the cover of A Marketer’s Journey.

His Insights At Ignite USA

At Ignite USA, Paul Roetzer shared some of his knowledge with the audience. He outlined ways that AI can be used to augment content and marketing and maximize the potential value of human-generated content. The following are some of the key insights that he shared.

1. AI Can Help Personalize & Automate

Roetzer explained that AI is not only a tool to process large volumes of data but it can also help to personalize and automate content. He argued that AI should be used to automate repetitive tasks that are currently handled by humans and to personalize content for smaller target segments.

2. Human Content Still Matters

Despite the hype around AI, Roetzer stressed that human content still matters. He argued that AI should be used to enhance the impact of uniquely human content and to give marketers an edge. He also highlighted the need for marketers to learn to utilize data effectively in order to create better content.

3. Leverage AI to Enhance the Buyer Journey

Roetzer explained that AI should be used to make the buyer journey more efficient and effective. He argued that AI could be used to provide more personalization, improve customer segmentation, and optimize the buyer journey by automating processes and tasks.


Paul Roetzer is a thought leader when it comes to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and uniquely human content. At Ignite USA, he shared his insights on how AI can be used to enhance content marketing efforts, automate decisions, and make the buyer journey more efficient and effective.