Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the future of search engine optimization (SEO) from both Google and Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Both of these major players are embracing generative AI in distinct yet powerful ways to help their users find relevant information quickly and easily. Let’s explore five key ways that search marketing strategies are being updated in light of generative AI-powered solutions.

1. Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the technology that enables search engines to interpret and respond to natural language query inputs such as phrases and questions. NLP capabilities are being used to improve search engine’s response speed, accuracy, and relevance. Both Google and Bing are leveraging this technology to enable users to find what they’re looking for faster and more accurately.

2. Voice-first Interactions

Generative AI is also driving the evolution of voice-first interactions. Google and Bing both offer voice assistant capabilities, which allow users to ask queries and receive answers in real time. As AI continues to become more advanced, users can expect to see voice search become increasingly more natural and conversational.

3. Smart Image Search

In addition to text-based query inputs, generative AI is also enabling search engines to handle rich multimedia search queries. AI-powered image search capabilities are being used to enable users to find images or videos relevant to their query. This technology is becoming increasingly important in the e-commerce space, as it helps shoppers quickly and easily find the products they’re looking for.

4. Generative Automated Summaries

Generative AI is also being used to enable search engines to provide automated summaries of webpages. This feature allows users to quickly skim through the text of a web page in search of relevant information. Bing’s generative AI-powered summaries are able to contextualize the content of a web page and provide a concise summary that draws out the most useful points.

5. Contextual Click-Through Rate Optimization

Generative AI is being used to optimize a search engine’s click-through rate (CTR). AI-powered algorithms are able to detect patterns in user behavior and make intelligent adjustments to the search engine’s results in order to increase the likelihood that users will click on a particular result. This technology is being used by both Google and Bing to increase engagement and ensure users have access to the most relevant information.


Generative AI is revolutionizing the way search engines operate, from Google and Microsoft’s own solutions to the way businesses are utilizing their products for digital commerce and marketing. Natural language processing, voice-first interactions, and smart image search are just a few of the ways AI is changing the face of SEO. Companies that embrace AI-powered search marketing strategies now will be in the best position to maximize their return on investment in the future.