B2B Twitter Alternatives: Mastodon, Post & Others Offer New Marketing Opportunities

Technology continues to develop, and with it the opportunities for businesses to interact on the web. As a result, the old stalwart of B2B marketing, Twitter, is rapidly becoming obsolete. This has opened the door for alternatives to step in and revolutionize the way businesses interact with one another. Here, we’ll discuss a few different B2B Twitter alternatives, such as Mastodon, Post, and others that offer unique marketing opportunities.


Mastodon is a decentralized, open-source social media platform that has been gaining traction in recent years. With it, businesses can create content, engage with their customer base, and even reach out to new potential customers.

Mastodon has several advantages over traditional social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. For instance, Mastodon’s decentralization means that businesses control their own content and data. Additionally, Mastodon’s structure gives it an advantage in terms of content curation and discovery.


Post is a new B2B social media platform similar to Twitter. It offers a more stable, secure platform than Twitter, and is geared specifically towards businesses. With Post, businesses are able to post content, communicate with customers, and interact with potential leads.

Additionally, Post allows businesses to customize their feeds, allowing them to focus on specific topics or conversations they want to engage with. This can help businesses to be more targeted in their outreach, as well as encourage more customer engagement.

Other B2B Alternatives

In addition to Mastodon and Post, there are several other B2B social media alternatives that offer their own unique advantages. These include:

  • Slack: Slack is a popular collaboration platform that businesses can use to communicate and organize projects among employees and customers.
  • Discourse: Discourse is an open-source forum platform that allows businesses to create custom forums for conversations and discussions.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn continues to be a great platform for businesses to network and connect with other professionals.


As technology advances, so too do the options available to businesses for B2B marketing. Twitter, while still widely used, is rapidly becoming obsolete, while newer options like Mastodon, Post, and other alternatives offer unique opportunities to engage with customers, leads, and colleagues.