A Wake Up Call For B2B Marketeers

Jeff Marcoux, Chief Innovation Officer at SiriusDecisions, will be the keynote speaker at the B2BMX conference in Phoenix. In his talk, titled “B2B Go To Market (GTM) Disruption: A Wake Up Call For B2B Marketers”, Marcoux will provide a detailed analysis of how B2B marketers should approach their go-to-market (GTM) strategy with a strategic perspective and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Preparing Your Business For Disruptive Technologies

Marcoux will outline 10 “GTM Establishments” that B2B marketers should consider in order to take advantage of the disruptive technologies and strategies that are transforming the B2B markets. Among these strategies, there is:

  • Integrating insights capabilities into the buyer’s journey – this includes using data-driven marketing automation, predictive intelligence and leveraging customer feedback to perfect the buyer’s experience.
  • Integrating design and creativity – the use of creative assets that create stronger interactions between the B2B brand and its audiences.
  • Optimizing sales process enablement – leveraging digital enablement to enable sales teams to deliver a better process and maximize efficiency.
  • Harnessing technology – leveraging the latest technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.
  • Thinking of the customer first – thinking of the customer’s needs before those of the sales team; this is the best way to drive sustainable growth.

Changing the Conversation Around B2B GO TO Market Strategies

Marcoux’s talk at B2BMX will be a powerful wake-up call for B2B marketers who are looking for ways to drive growth and increase their competitive advantage. His insights and analysis of the current B2B go-to-market landscape will spark a much-needed conversation about the changing landscape of B2B marketing.
B2B marketeers should definitely attend Jeff Marcoux’s keynote talk at the B2BMX conference in Phoenix to learn more about the “GT Establishments” and stay up to date on the latest business disruption strategies.