When it comes to brand marketing, nothing quite compares to the success of Mattel’s Barbie Movie in 2019. Released in tandem with the 60th anniversary of the beloved doll, the animated movie managed to captivate not only Barbie fans but also enthusiasts of all ages. Here is how the Barbie Movie redefined brand marketing:

1. Reaching New Audiences

The Barbie Movie managed to appeal to diverse audiences, from children and teenagers, to Millennials and the older generation. Through targeted marketing campaigns, Mattel highlighted the many facets of Barbie – from her whimsy and humor, to her ambition and self-reliance – all of which attracted viewers from different age groups.

2. Storytelling

Mattel put a strong emphasis on storytelling with the Barbie Movie. By giving Barbie an exciting journey and compelling plot, the franchise was able to captivate viewers and keep them hooked until the very end. Additionally, the Barbie Movie managed to effectively tell a story that resonated with Barbie’s existing fan base, as well as attract new consumers.

3. Merchandise

The Barbie franchise effectively made use of merchandise in order to market their movie. By tapping into Barbie’s existing fan base, the franchise managed to launch a range of dolls, outfits, accessories, and toys based off the movie. Additionally, Mattel also launched exclusive products like the Barbie Story Studio, which allowed users to create their own animated movies.

4. Social Media

Mattel also made clever use of social media in order to highlight the Barbie Movie. The brand launched numerous hashtags, campaigns, and challenges which allowed their fans to interact with the franchise. Through these social media campaigns, Mattel was able to gain a following of millions of people and boost the Barbie Movie’s popularity.

5. Collaborations

The Barbie franchise also made good use of collaborations in order to promote the Barbie Movie. By partnering with other popular brands, Mattel managed to cross-promote the movie across multiple platforms. Some of the brands involved included PopSugar, Netflix, and L’Oreal.

The success of the Barbie Movie is a testament to how effective brand marketing can be. By targeting diverse audiences and utilizing various strategies, Mattel was able to redefine brand marketing on a large scale. It is unlikely that any other brand would be able to replicate the success of the Barbie Movie, but it is surely an excellent example of what a strong marketing campaign can achieve.