Introducing BlueJeans Basic – The Free Video Conferencing App

BlueJeans is a popular video conferencing tool used by individuals and organizations alike. With its cloud-based collaboration solutions, users can connect securely with internal and external participants around the world. The perfect way to stay connected regardless of location.

Now the company has introduced BlueJeans Basic, a free version of the app that makes reliable video conferencing accessible to everyone.

Features of BlueJeans Basic

BlueJeans Basic is packed with features that make video conferencing easier and more effective. The free version of the app offers:

  • Voice and Video Calling: Users can make one-to-one voice and video calls with the app.
  • Easy Interface: The quick and intuitive interface allows you to start video calls in seconds.
  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen with other participants for an even more engaging video call experience.
  • Integrated Messaging: Messages can be sent and received during a call, making it easy to stay in touch after the call.

Why Choose BlueJeans Basic?

BlueJeans Basic is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing app. Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can easily stay connected with colleagues and customers without spending a dime.

BlueJeans Basic is secure and reliable, so you can confidently use the app for all your video conferencing needs. With its intuitive interface and quick access to features, you’ll be up and running with video calls within minutes.


BlueJeans Basic is a great way to stay connected without having to commit to a paid subscription. It offers all the features you need for video conferencing without the cost. Start using it today for reliable video conferencing with colleagues and customers – wherever they may be.