BMO is proud to announce a $5 million donation to the Royal Canadian Legion Foundation to help aid in boosting affordable homeownership and small business growth. The donation will go directly to veterans and their families, as well as providing assistance to the Legion with their health and wellness programs.

What the Contribution Entails

This contribution will be divided into three funds, including:

  • Affordable Homeownership: This contribution will provide funds towards affordable homeownership opportunities and programs. This includes helping veterans and their families achieve affordable housing, as well as providing resources to people who are new to the homebuying process.
  • Small Business Growth: BMO will support small businesses in the community by providing funds to those in need of capital to help build and expand their businesses.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: Funds will be provided to the Royal Canadian Legion Foundation to support their health and wellness programs, which provide veterans and their families with both physical and mental health services.

About BMO’s Commitment to Helping Communities

Through their commitment to providing community support, BMO is able to help those in need of assistance. BMO has been committed to helping the community for years, donating over $90 million over 10 years to the Canadian Red Cross, which helps millions of people every year. Additionally, they have donated to over 600 food banks and supported over thousands of families.

By providing funds to the Royal Canadian Legion Foundation to help veterans and their families achieve their homeownership and small business growth dreams, BMO is doing their part in helping build strong and vibrant communities.