Chick-Fil-A’s Cauliflower Sandwich Receives Backlash from Customers

Chick-Fil-A’s latest offering, a Cauliflower Sandwich, has received mixed reviews from customers. The sandwich retails for $7 and features a protein-packed cauliflower patty topped with shredded cheese, lettuce and a special sauce. While some customers may be impressed by the health benefits of the new sandwich, many are far from pleased with the cost.

Unhappy With the Price

Unhappy customers have taken to social media to air their grievances with the hefty price tag. Many argue that the cost of the sandwich is way too high, considering the main ingredient is a vegetable. Fans of Chick-Fil-A are also unhappy with the lack of a deal or discounted price for the new item.

Not Worth the Cost

On top of the price complaints, customers are saying that the sandwich isn’t even worth the money. People who have tried the sandwich report that it lacks the same level of quality as other Chick-Fil-A items. They argue that the sandwich does not deliver on the same level of flavor and texture that other sandwich options provide for only a fraction of the price.

Suggestions for Improvement

Many customers have taken to social media to offer suggestions for how Chick-Fil-A could improve the sandwich. Some suggestions include:

  • Reducing the Price – Many customers argue that the $7 price tag is too high for a vegetable-based sandwich.
  • Adding More Toppings – Some customers suggest adding more toppings, such as tomatoes or onions, for added flavor and texture.
  • Offering Deals – Making the sandwich available at a discounted price with the purchase of a meal would make it more attractive to customers.

Only time will tell if Chick-Fil-A decides to make any changes to the sandwich in light of customer feedback. Until then, customers will have to decide whether or not the sandwich is worth the cost.